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Your EVERYDAY LINEN PANTS are made and designed for an everyday use. The pants are not see through because of the thin lining in the pants.


100% linen + 100% cotton (thin lining)

 adjustable straps + pockets 





899,00 krPrice
Out of stock
  • Avoid the risk of fabric tearing and a chance to remain in mint condition for as long as possible🤍

    1. Hand wash 

    2. Try to wash your LINEN PANTS as infrequently as possible to preserve their quality

    3. Air dry

    4. Avoid exposing the pants to high friction, can risk tearing the fabric


  • Delivery & Return policy:

    • Shipped as traceable 
    • 2-4 working days Sweden
    • 3-7 working days oher countries

    Retun policy can be found on the website "Returns"

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